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ADRENALINE Studios launches ADRENALINE Kids!

December 11 2023 | London, United Kingdom

ADRENALINE Studios are pleased to announce the launch of their ground-breaking new facilities based in Fleet, Hampshire.

Designed and based around children talent, the three recording studios have been built to bring out the best in young performers, including bright interiors, screens at child-height and extensive break out and play areas. There are also areas in which parents can sit and watch their offspring create magic behind the microphone, while being connected to their own work at the same time with dedicated desk spaces.

ADRENALINE Kids is believed to be the very first studio facility of its type in the world and is aimed to revolutionise the dubbing and localisation industry with a focus on nurturing and training young actors from diverse backgrounds and cultures. In addition to localisation, the studio will also provide original voices for animations and can offer package deals in which all music, sound design and voices can be recorded to allow animation companies to quickly pitch new shows to distributors.

John Harley, Founder and CEO of ADRENALINE Studios explains, “In an era where representation and diversity are crucial, ADRENALINE Kids recognises the importance of giving young actors a platform to showcase their skills and amplify their voices. The studio believes that every child has the potential to shine and make a lasting impact in the entertainment industry”.

Emanuele Latina, operations director of the new ADRENALINE KIDS and father of four himself, has spent a lot of time talking to his own children and the talent he directs to find out what the children really want to see in the new studio environment. ‘’ Vending machines came up a lot he says as wells as gaming platforms, toys and arts and crafts. We have been able to fulfil these requests along with green space and a play area, I’m still working on the vending machine! It’s my belief that by creating an inclusive and supportive environment, ADRENALINE Kids will help nurture the talent that comes through its doors plus hone and pave the way for young actors to excel at their craft whilst having a lot of fun in the process” ADRENLAINE Kids is and always will be a ‘Happy Place’ to work.

The key highlights of ADRENALINE Kids’ approach are:

Nurturing a Diverse Talent Pool
ADRENALINE Kids actively seeks out young actors from various backgrounds and cultures, providing a platform for underrepresented voices to be heard. The studio is committed to celebrating diversity and ensuring that every child's unique talent is valued and embraced.

Comprehensive Training Programs
ADRENALINE Kids offers comprehensive training programs designed to develop the skills necessary for success in dubbing and localisation. With experienced instructors and state-of-the-art facilities, young actors receive guidance, enabling them to reach their full potential.


About ADRENALINE Studios
ADRENALINE Studios are an innovative, pioneering, and award-winning group of studios, launched in 2016, with facilities in London, Cape Town and Fleet. It is part of the Arnsbo Group. Long being known and respected for the quality of their live-action and animation localisation in multiple languages, they are also expert in Audio Description and seek to push boundaries in the industry wherever possible.

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What the actors are saying about us!

January 19 2024 | ADRENALINE Kids, Fleet

Happy Friday!

It has been a month since we launched ADRENALINE Kids and we’ve now completed our first two projects, which we are very proud of (more on these soon!). During this time, we decided to ask the actors what they thought of working here.

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ADRENALINE founder named in Top 100 most influential professionals in Entertainment Content Localization

December 1 2023 |

ADRENALINE founder and CEO, John Harley has been named within the Top 100 most influential professionals in Entertainment Content Localization, a list published each year by Hollywood's Entertainment Globalisation Association. In a post on LinkedIn John wrote "Wow! Well that was a surprise. I am truly surprised and honoured to be featured in the Top 100 most influential professionals in Entertainment Content Localization. So many incredible and inspiring people on the list, and I'm trying not to let 'imposter syndrome' take hold. Thank you to the Entertainment Globalisation Association, Hollywood and all who voted! And congratulations to all on the list! Read more

Going the distance

October 13 2023 | ADRENALINE London

We love creating Audio Description, and it is true to say that, at ADRENALINE, we do a LOT of it.

As a fun Friday exercise, I decided to calculate just how much AD we had created since we began this service in late 2019, and was surprised to find that it totals a cool 778 hours.

Let's just put that into perspective. If you were to lay out the film-stock end-to-end from our London studios, it would stretch all the way to Edinburgh. Impressive, I think you'll agree.

And, since it's Friday, I shall raise a wee dram this evening to celebrate the incredible work of all our dedicated describers, narrators, audio engineers and, of course, our faithful clients who turn again and again to ADRENALINE, trusting us to do this particularly important job that gives access to entertainment to thousands of people daily.

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We're Hiring!

October 9 2023 | ADRENALINE Studios

Apply now if you would like to join a dynamic team Audio Describing the world's greatest content. Read more

We've Won Another Award!

March 30 2023 | ADRENALINE Studios

Wow! You can see why we love awards season here at ADRENALINE Studios and ADRENALINE Kids.

Yesterday, the Hermes Awards took place in Los Angeles. This is the first ever global dubbing awards created specifically to honour the great work that is being created around the world that enables entertainment to be accessible for people of all nations.

We were incredibly proud to have been nominated in two categories:

- Best Voice Performance for an Animated Series
- Best Audio Description for a Feature

We were beaten to the award in the Audio Description category by 'Everything, Everywhere, All at Once' - a title that did particularly well at the Oscars, but I am delighted to announce that we WON in the Best Voice performance for an Animated Series!

The Award is for Isla Hall's performance in 'Action Pack: Season 2'

Isla plays a child character with Down Syndrome in the series, something that Isla also has, and she gave an absolutely incredible performance.

Congratulations go especially to her, and to Kelly at Dub Juniors for casting her, and, of course, to all at ADRENALINE Studios for their amazing work on the series.

Thank you to the EGA for making it alls possible!
And thank you to #netflix for allowing us to work on such great content.

Check out the EGA's post for a full list of winners.

A huge congratulations to the 2023 Hermes Award Winners and Honorees. Your dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed, and we are proud to recognize your achievements.

Full list of winners:

Best Voice Performance for a Television Series
Keywords Studios, Alex Bankier in Prisma, English, Amazon Prime Video

Best Voice Performance for a Feature
Keywords Studios, James M. Connor in Argentina 1985, English, Amazon Prime Video

Best Voice Performance for an Animated Series
ADRENALINE Studios, Isla Hall represented by Dub Juniors in Action Pack Season 2 Play Time, English, Netflix

Best Dub Audio Mixing for a Series
VSI, The Lørenskog Disappearance, English, Netflix

Best Dub Audio Mixing for a Feature
VSI, Jurassic World Dominion, LATAM Spanish, Universal Pictures

Best Localized Song
DreamWorks Animation, Trolls: TrollsTopia, To TrollsTopia, Swedish, Viaplay, Dub by Iyuno

Best Audio Description for a Feature
Deluxe, Everything Everywhere All at Once, English, A24

Best Audio Description for a Series
Red Bee Media, Frozen Planet II, English, BBC/BBC Studios

Best Overall Dubbing for a Series
EVA, Wednesday, Castilian Spanish, Netflix

Best Overall Dubbing for a Feature
Keywords Studio, Argentina 1985, English, Amazon Prime Video

Best Overall Dubbing for Animation
Saran Digital Studios, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, Turkish, Netflix

Technical Achievement
StudioNEXT, TransPerfect

Lifetime Achievement
Jacques Barreau, TransPerfect Read more