We are a true end-to-end supplier. Whether you need original voices for an in-production animation, localised voices for a live action series, or you need your latest blockbuster audio described, ADRENALINE can do it all. And, of course, we will then mix it in stereo, surround and all the way up to Dolby ATMOS ensuring your content really shines.

We're caring

Because we are passionate about content, we will always treat your product with the utmost care and attention. And that duty of care extends to our actors, our staff and our environment. We care because it's right, and because you do too.

We're experts

While all of our people are fanatical about the entertainment industry, we are also specialists. In each facility we employ expert script adaptors, dialogue editors, audio engineers, mix engineers, casting directors, artistic directors and audio description writers. All of which goes to ensure that what we deliver back to you is the very best it can be.

We're agile

Although we are big, with multi-studio facilities stretching over two continents, we are still ‘boutique’ enough to always be able to keep up with the twists and turns of our clients' hectic production schedules. We deliver on-time, every time. So, when you're working with us, feel free to sit back and relax!