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It's only gone and won the Oscar!

March 13 2023 | ADRENALINE Studios

ADRENALINE Studios were honoured to be asked to create the English dub (and Audio Description) of 'The Elephant Whisperers' recently.

The reason? Because it had been nominated for an Academy Award, and the judges needed an English version to judge it against the other nominees.

And it only went on to WIN!

Our thanks to the team here at ADRENALINE for turning the project around in record time, and also very special thanks to David McClafferty, Ashwini Kulkarni, Akriti Bindal and Divya Acharya at Netflix for trusting us with such a significant project.

And, of course, many congratulations to Kartiki Selena Gonsalves and Guneet Monga and Netflix for winning the Best Documentary Short film at the 95th Academy Awards. We are so proud to have played our small part in this brilliant documentary's amazing success! Read more

Then Barbara met Barbara!

February 25 2022 | ADRENALINE Studios

Accessibility is a serious business, it's true. However, that doesn't mean it can't innovate also.

And that's exactly what ADRENALINE did when creating and recording the Audio Description for the movie, 'Then Barbara met Alan'.
Written by Jack Thorne and Genevieve Barr, It tells the true story of Barbara Lisicki and Alan Holdsworth, two disabled cabaret artists who met in the late Eighties and became the driving force behind Direct Action Network (DAN), whose protests pushed disability rights into the spotlight.

"In order to make the Audio Description even more special" explains John Harley, "I decided to try to reach out to Barbara Lisicki herself and pitch the idea that she could record the AD in our studios. Amazingly, she said yes, and the rest is history!"

One of the tenets of descriptive audio is that the sighted and unsighted audience should have important parts of the plot revealed to them at the same time and, as Barbara makes a cameo appearance in the movie, meeting her on-screen self, ADRENALINE were able to finely time the description so Barbara reveals it is her meeting herself and that it has actually been Barbara describing the movie all along.

Barbara had a great time recording the AD, and, true to form, added several 'cheeky' extras to the written lines, transforming this very British, anarchic slice of life into something even more relevant and fitting.

Also true to form, Barbara gave ADRENALINE constructive criticism about their disabled toilets, prompting a well overdue re-fit!

Check out this fantastic movie on Netflix.

Pictured (L-R) are: John Harley, Barbara Lisicki and Frank Loman Read more

The London-based Dubbing Specialist ADRENALINE Expands Into Africa

March 27 2022 | ADRENALINE Studios

ADRENALINE Studios have expanded their operations, acquiring a studio complex in Cape Town, South Africa, bringing their already impressive offering of five studios to nine.  John Harley, Founder and CEO of ADRENALINE Studios commented,
“Given the incredible amount of content being produced for international consumption these days, especially by the streaming companies, we decided the time was ripe for us to expand into an international market and replicate the success our UK studios have enjoyed. Having, for a number of years, worked with this studio in Cape Town, we are delighted to have come to a purchase agreement.”

The company in question, Africa Audio Post who employ 23 people, all of whom will be retained, will be renamed ADRENALINE Africa and form part of ADRENALINE Studios. The decision to acquire studio facilities in Cape Town was made easier due to ADRENALINE’s parent company, Arnsbo Group, already owning studios in Pretoria that handle their burgeoning voiceover business under the banner of VoiceArchive.

Søren Arnsbo, Founder and Chairman of Arnsbo Group stated,
“Following a year of unprecedented growth for both ADRENALINE and Africa Audio Post, we are very excited to expand our dubbing operations in Africa. The language service provider division of Arnsbo Group, currently consisting of Voicearchive and ADRENALINE, is a global leading voice over and dubbing entity, and, since Africa is home to approximately one-third of the world’s languages, the presence of both companies in Africa is crucial to us.”

The team at Africa Audio Post are similarly excited for the future. Wayne Hirschson, who will remain CEO of the new company stated, “We are entering into a new phase of our development here in South Africa. The leverage provided by becoming part of ADRENALINE Studios will allow us to become an even greater force within the South African dubbing industry.” Harley added,
"Our commitment has always been to bring the content owner’s vision to life in a creative and, most important, an authentic way. The addition of our African studios gives us even more opportunities to work with more and more content owners, distributors and steamers alike. ADRENALINE Africa is officially open for business!”

The new company officially begins trading on May 1 and is already gearing up for the increased productions it will handle. It is also anticipated that the facility will expand the studio count throughout 2022 as there is further floor space within the facility that can be utilised.

Pictured above L-R, John Harley, Wayne Joshua Hirschson and Søren Arnsbo Read more